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Latest Episode: Balance of Darkness (with Sir Alexander Dane Interviewed by Al Kessel)

Episode: Lilith (with Gwen DeMarco Interviewed by Al Kessel)

Episode: Grey is Gray (with Special Introduction by Al Kessel)

Support Karine Marois's petition! Host a Galaxy Quest convention in 2017! Click the picture below!

Galaxy Quest is a beloved sci-fi comedy film with fans all across the globe. The convention and events featured in the movie take place 18 years after the end of the TV show. By Grabthar's hammer, it seems only fitting to have a Galaxy Quest convention in 2017, 18 years after the film's release date of 1999!
The purpose of this petition is to demonstrate the fans' interest and support for such a convention, featuring all of the actors, writers, director, producers, artists, crew, and anyone else who contributed to the making of this Historical Document.

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